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The Risk Factor Webinar

Risk is all around us.

The Risk Factor Webinar

Every organization is on a safety maturity curve, striving toward improved risk management and safety performance. To guide us along the journey and move us forward, we develop rules and regulations, implement processes and procedures, create safeguards and deliver training. Despite all of the systems, equipment and training, we are still willing to take risks.

Why do we take unnecessary risks?

The answers lie in our motivations, our mindsets, and even, in our emotions. New research in the areas of neuroscience and affective psychology details the role that feelings and emotions play in our decision-making process.

Join us and discover how you can help improve employees’ personal accountability for their safety.

The Risk Factor is a new personal risk awareness solution that applies the latest research in neuroscience and decision making to help employees make safer decisions on and off the job.

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