STOP® Refresher Training Workshop

dss STOP® Refresher Training Workshop

This four-hour dss STOP® refresher training is for current dss STOP® clients. It reviews and reinforces the key points of the dss STOP® program.

Available virtually and in-person, this refresher program helps your supervisors and employees:

  • Renew their commitment to a Zero-Incident workplace
  • Communicate, step by step, about safe and unsafe behavior
  • Review the philosophy of Total Observation
  • Retrain their “Mind’s Eye”
  • Walk through the Observation Checklist
  • Practice Observation Skills

The dss STOP® Refresher Training Workshop applies the best practices in instructional and visual design to maintain or improve the learning effectiveness of the dss STOP® Program. The training uses a wide range of strategies to reach the visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learners in your audiences, engaging more of their senses and learning styles.


Workshop Agenda

  • dss STOP® Revisited
  • Injury-Free Workplace
  • Seeing Safety
  • Actions of People
  • Observation Checklist
  • Practicing Observation Skills
  • The “Why”
  • Summary
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