Workplace Reading Series

This five-part training series will help students improve their reading skills. The series not only teaches students how to read, it also shows students how to interpret what is read and how to think critically. Students will learn how to use reference materials such as dictionaries, manuals, and directories. They are introduced to deductive thinking to help prepare them for an in-depth study of technical skills.

The Workplace Reading series is designed for those students who need to improve reading and study skills before they take job-specific training programs. To enter the program and understand the content, students need only a third-grade equivalent reading level.

eLearning courses included:

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Workplace Reading: Basic SkillsIntroduces students to the topic of workplace reading skills.

Workplace Reading: Literal Comprehension –– Main IdeaHelps students find and understand the main idea in definition paragraphs and more.

Workplace Reading: Literal Comprehension –– RelationshipsHelps students recognize and use classification, use comparison, recognize cause and effect, and more.

Workplace Reading: InferenceHelps students learn to infer main ideas and relationships from their reading.

Workplace Reading: Study SkillsCovers problem-solving, study habits, summarization skills, and more.

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