Using RSLogix: Testing & Troubleshooting

Using RSLogix™: Testing & Troubleshooting is part three of the Using RSLogix™ three-part training series.

The course describes advanced programming functions of the RSLogix™ software, including forcing, histograms, and configuring intelligent modules.

Course objectives include:

  • Apply forcing in RSLogix™
  • Understand forcing conventions, inputs, and outputs
  • Understand data monitors and searches, including histograms
  • Discuss advanced tools such as configuring intelligent modules and trending.

Course menu:

Forcing Inputs and Outputs

  • Forcing Conventions
  • Forcing in RSLogix™
Data Monitors and Searches
  • Histograms
  • Custom Data Monitors
  • Searching
Advanced Tasks
  • Configuring Intelligent Modules
  • Trending

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