Ultrasonics: Mechanical & Electrical Inspection

Ultrasonics: Mechanical & Electrical Inspection is part three of the Ultrasonics three-part training series.

Mechanical and electrical inspections are essential for safe and efficient plant operation. The earlier a problem can be detected, the better the chances of fixing it at the lowest possible cost. This course teaches students the proper procedures for mechanical and electrical inspection. It describes how mechanical and electrical problems generate ultrasound and how to identify different types of failures and potential failures.

The course covers:

  • Bearing inspection and detecting bearing failure
  • Recognizing metal fatigue
  • Brinelling
  • Under- or over-lubrication
  • Comparative and historical testing
  • Testing procedures
  • Detector setup
  • Broken gear teeth, faulty valves, pump malfunctions, and component wear
  • Electrical testing.

Course menu:

Bearing Inspection

  • Bearing Problems
  • Using Ultrasound

Testing Bearings

  • Types of Tests
  • Testing Procedures
  • Results
  • Other Mechanical Inspections

Electrical Inspections

  • Electrical Problems
  • Testing Procedures

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