Ultrasonics: Leak Detection

Ultrasonics: Leak Detection is part two of the Ultrasonics three-part training series.

System leaks affect productivity, product quality, and may even cause expensive environmental damage. Ultrasonic technology can detect potential leaking problems before they become costly. This course familiarizes students with the basic principles of ultrasonic leak detection. It describes how to locate leaks using ultrasound, basic testing procedures, the use of tone generators, and specific testing situations involving hard-to-find leaks, low pressure leaks, steam traps, and valves.

The course covers:

  • Ultrasonic detector components
  • Hand-held units
  • Meters
  • Sensitivity and frequency adjustments
  • Interchangeable test modules
  • Contact and scanning modes
  • Heterodyning
  • Finding leaks
  • Pressure, vacuum, gas, and low pressure leaks
  • Testing procedures
  • Threshold and turbulence
  • Liquid leak amplifier (LLA)
  • Continuous and intermittent drain steam traps
  • Valves
  • White noise vs. hissing sound.

Course menu:

Locating Leaks Using Ultrasound

  • Principles of Leak Detection
  • Basic Testing Procedures
  • Using Tone Generators

Special Testing Situations

  • Special Conditions
  • Low-Pressure Leaks
  • Steam Traps
  • Valves

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