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Take Two...for Safety

(a savings of $1300)

Product Description

The Take Two...for Safety™ series of safety video programs from DuPont stimulates thinking and conversation about safety in the workplace and at home.

Take Two means that a person can work more safely by taking two minutes to think through a job before the job is started.

TAKE is an acronym which stands for:
T= Talk: Have I talked with everyone involved with this job?
A= Action: Do I know the proper actions I need to follow to do this job safely?
K= Knowledge: Do I have the proper knowledge to do this job safely?
E= Equipment: Do I have the proper equipment, including the proper personal protective equipment, to do this job safely?

Each video focuses on specific safety subjects and shows both the consequences when a worker does not Take Two...for Safety™ and the positive results when he or she does Take Two.

The disc contains:

  • Segment 1 - Make Take Two a Part of You (ladder safety)
  • Segment 2 - Take Two Outdoors with You (working safely outdoors)
  • Segment 3 - Save Face with Take Two (proper clothing around machinery)
  • Segment 4 - Make Take Two Automatic (automated equipment)
  • Segment 5 - The Weakest Link (following lock, tag, try procedures)
  • Segment 6 - Take Two for a Lift (back safety)
  • Segment 7 - Everybody Needs a Backup (confined space entry)
  • Segment 8 - Take Two isn't Repetitious (repetitive motion)
  • Segment 9 - Get Out of Your Own Way (respecting hazard zones, supervisory responsibility
  • Segment 10 - Happy Trails to You... When You Take Two (rental car safety)
  • Segment 11 - PPE is Always Key (ppe in challenging environments)
  • Segment 12 - Step up Production by Taking Two (putting safety before production)
  • Segment 13 - Take Two... Just for You (health care)
  • Segment 14 - The Right Tool for the Job (proper tools)
  • Segment 15 - PPE Saves the Day (rules apply to everybody)
  • Segment 16 - Take Two... Take a Break (lab ergonomics)
  • Segment 17 - Not Just 8 to 5 (safety during evening shifts)
  • Segment 18 - Everyone Needs to Take Two (supervisors walk the talk)