Steam Traps: Types, Principles & Functions

Steam Traps: Types, Principles & Functions is part one of the Steam Traps three-part training series.

The course is designed to provide a basic knowledge of steam and its production and condensate recovery with steam traps. It discusses components of steam trapping that operate under thermostatic, thermodynamic, and mechanical principles and includes orifices as a way of preventing excessive steam loss.

Course objectives include:

  • Identify steam states, including steam quality
  • Describe the effects of condensate and entrained water in a steam system
  • List the primary functions of a steam trap
  • Explain orifices in a steam trapping system
  • Explain the operating principles of thermostatic, mechanical, and thermodynamic steam traps.

Course menu:

Principles of Steam Energy Systems

  • Heat Production and Transfer
  • Steam States and System Function

Thermostatic and Mechanical Steam Traps

  • Thermostatic Steam Traps
  • Mechanical Steam Traps

Thermodynamic Steam Traps

  • Orifice and Disc Steam Traps
  • Variable-Piston and Lever Steam Traps

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