Smart Digital Instrumentation 4-Part Series

This 4-part training series helps students understand HART protocol, the applications and day-to-day use of HART Smart field devices, and the FOUNDATION™ fieldbus communication model. With this foundation of knowledge, students can begin to use the technology to streamline maintenance tasks and quickly and remotely identify equipment problems — creating the potential for significant operational savings.

The Smart Digital Instrumentation series is designed for control systems technicians, electricians, mechanics, process operators, and other instrumentation and control professionals.

eLearning courses included:

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Smart Digital Instrumentation: Understanding HART ProtocolIntroduces students to the technology, circuitry, signaling, command set, and device description language "DDL" of HART protocol.

Smart Digital Instrumentation: Applications Of Smart Field DevicesDetails the installation requirements of HART-compatible Smart field devices and reviews their industrial applications.

Smart Digital Instrumentation: Configuring, Calibrating & Testing Smart Field DevicesExplains the functions and operating procedures of HART-compatible communicators/calibrators.

Smart Digital Instrumentation: FOUNDATION™™ FieldbusIntroduces students to the FOUNDATION™ fieldbus communication model.

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