Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

Learning and Development Curriculum Design

We design learning activities that help corporations develop the skills, behaviors and competencies required to meet strategic business goals. Through internal training programs at DSS facilities and our work with numerous clients, we have developed a unique understanding of how to blend classroom study with practical on-the-job experiences that are most effective for a particular industry, worksite or job role.

Learning and Development Competency Model

Competencies aligned with business objectives help foster an organization's success. DSS helps identify core competency needs so that your L&D program will focus on the skills, knowledge and abilities required to deliver business results.

Learning and Development Assessment

The most effective learning and development programs directly support an organization's strategic business goals. An important step in enhancing your L&D program is to measure the effectiveness of your current learning activities and to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. Our experts visit your work sites and interview key personnel, from human resources to management to line workers. Read more

Instructional Design

We use an Instructional Systems Design (ISD) Approach to develop training materials. The ISD model has been successfully used for several years in the design and development of training materials for commercial, military and industrial applications and includes five phases: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (ADDIE). Read more

Custom Content Creation

"Start-to-finish" original content development begins with research and development and continues through instructional design, script development, filming, graphics creation, editing, subject matter expert review, authoring, programming, quality assurance and packaging. This comprehensive process allows the creation of complete and consistent training packages across multiple delivery modalities, including DVDs, Video Streams, Leaders' Guides, PowerPoints®, employee handbooks and interactive classroom events. Read more

Performance Management

Establish metrics and processes to measure the effectiveness of your learning and development program. Inspire employee performance through coaching and constructive feedback.

Language Conversion

The translation process begins as soon as a new script is finalized. The approved script is converted into as many as 30+ languages via our network of proven translators and contractors. After gathering any necessary new footage and graphics from around the world and adjusting for any last-minute script changes, the final products are created.

Production Facilities

Our 67,000 square foot Virginia Beach headquarters is the primary location for production. Filming takes place in our 65'x90' studio with Hard Cyc, 16" variable-height pipe grid, 25'x25' staging area, green room, and makeup and wardrobe with dressing rooms and showers. Postproduction facilities include 2-D and 3-D graphic design, audio recording and sound design, Avid editing and digital file encoding.

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