Our Capabilities

The Award-Winning L&D Consulting Services Team

Creating Solutions to Engage Employees

Meeting the Demands of the Global Learner

Our award-winning team has implemented flexible learning solutions for clients of all sizes, all over the world. Several multi-million and multi-year projects include:

  • An eLearning program that helped generate a cost-avoidance of nearly $1 million eight months after roll-out
  • A process safety management program for a large oil and gas company
  • A safety culture and management system for a manufacturing organization

Designing for Excellence

Our expert consultants follow industry leading production principles to create high-end learning solutions:

  • Project management principles
  • Program evaluation and review techniques (PERT)
  • The latest learning and technological trends, including the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation) instructional design model

Bringing Learning to Life: From Storyboard to Screen

Our production staff leverages high-end technologies to engage employees and enhance the learning experience. Our multi-media specialists include:

  • Audio engineers
  • IT staff
  • Film directors
  • Script writers
  • Sound mixers and music composers
  • Video editors and videographers
  • Lighting directors
  • Make-up artists
  • Photographers
  • Graphic and motion designers
  • 3D animation specialists
  • Computer programmers

Experienced in various communications media, our production team members have honed their technical and creative abilities while working in the film, TV, radio, print, and theater industries. They combine the technical expertise and creative flair that brings training to life, from the storyboard to the screen.


  • Television and live event producers
  • Public relations and marketing personnel
  • Corporate and executive managers
  • Broadcasters (print, radio, TV)
  • Sales and training developers
  • Instructional design experts
  • Project managers and product developers


  • Safety and ethics and compliance management
  • Education
  • Arts
  • Information and digital technology
  • Communications media

Managing Expertise at Every Step: From Design to Delivery

Our expert consultants leverage their finely honed capabilities at every stage of a project, from client consultation and instructional design to production and implementation. A project manager coordinates with key team members to ensure consistent communication, creative production, and timely, efficient delivery.

Delivering Award-Winning Solutions

Individually recognized in their respective fields over the years, our production team members have collaborated on numerous training programs that have garnered more than 120 awards, including:

  • Cine and Telly Awards
  • The New York Audio Visual Award
  • The Columbus International Film and Video Award
  • The New York World Festival Medals

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