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Felt Leadership Workshop

Felt Leadership: Journey to Excellence is part of the award-winning DuPont portfolio of workplace safety training offerings. Other offerings include Integrated Safety Management for Operations Managers, Integrated Safety Management for Line Supervisors, STOP® for Supervision, STOP® for Each Other, and STOP DataPro®.

About the Workshop

Felt leadership is one of the strongest commonalities between organizations with truly sustainable safety cultures. But, what exactly is felt leadership? DuPont defines it as a respect through action for the well-being of people. It is a building block in constructing trust and real-world relationships among employees, customers, shareholders and communities.

When felt leadership is demonstrated within an organization a cultural transformation can and will occur. More importantly, that transformation is sustainable because it becomes part of the fabric of the company and the environment in which employees operate.

During the ½-day Felt Leadership: Journey to Excellence workshop, participants will focus on the principles and actions that constitute felt leadership. Time will also be spent diving into the differences between managing safety and leading safety.

Learning Objectives

  • What is felt leadership?
  • What are some actions that demonstrate personal commitment to and support of safety?
  • How to use felt leadership as a motivational tool.
  • Why strong, top-down support, involvement and commitment are essential ingredients in a successful safety program.

The Methodology

The format is based on adult group-learning principles, in which participants interact as they discuss, analyze, and apply information from presentations, case studies, group discussions, and situational analyses to their own experience and organizations.

The Instructor

The workshop is conducted and facilitated by DuPont safety consultants who have safety leadership experience. DuPont consultants are recognized throughout the industry as committed, innovative, adept workshop leaders, credible knowledge resources, and competent safety professionals.

The Course Outline

  • Enhancing the Impact of Leadership
  • Focusing on the Why
  • What is Your Why for Safety?
  • Safety Culture
  • Compliance vs Commitment
  • Persuasive Leadership Discussion
  • Persuasive Leadership – Applied
  • Action Planning