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Contractor Safety Management

Contractor Safety Management is part of the award-winning DuPont portfolio of workplace safety training offerings. Other offerings include the Workplace Safety Series, Managing Safety: Systems That Work For Operations Managers, Managing Safety: Techniques That Work For Line Supervisors, and the DuPont™ STOP® program.

Contractor Safety Management

About the Workshop

Contractor Safety Management is a comprehensive practice to ensure that contractors adhere to the safety standards used by the company that has hired them. It's important that owners are involved from the very beginning when projects are planned, bid, and contracted.

The full-day* Contractor Safety Management workshop helps develop an understanding of contracting environments and the importance of establishing a safety culture at every phase of contract development execution.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the characteristics of a safety culture
  • Describing the role of the owner and leadership in Contractor Safety through Contractor Management
  • Identifying six practices of good contractor management
  • Discussing the steps of incident investigations as a component of Contractor Safety Management (CSM)
  • Recognizing how Felt Leadership leads to a strong safety culture

Who Should Attend

This workshop is appropriate for employees involved in the hiring and managing of contractors.

The Methodology

The format is based on adult group-learning principles, in which participants interact as they discuss, analyze, and apply information from presentations, case studies, group discussions, and situational analyses to their own experience and organizations.

The Instructor

The workshop is conducted and facilitated by DuPont safety consultants. DuPont consultants are recognized throughout the industry as committed, innovative, adept workshop leaders, credible knowledge resources, and competent safety professionals.

The Course Outline

Introduction to Safety Culture

  • Characteristics of a Safety Culture
  • Why Does Safety Matter?
  • Risks to a Safety Culture
  • Maintaining a Positive Safety Culture

Introduction to Contractor Safety Management

  • Who is a Contractor?
  • Why is Contractor Safety Important?
  • Owner's Role

Six Practices of Contractor Safety Management

  • Contractor Selection
  • Contract Preparation
  • Contract Award
  • Orientation and Training
  • Managing the Work
  • Post-Contract Evaluation

Incident Investigation

  • What Defines an Incident?
  • Benefits of Incident Investigation Process
  • Who Should Investigate?
  • Incident Investigation Process 1-4
  • Incident Investigation Process 5-8
  • Management Follow-up Responsibilities
  • What is the Value of a Good Investigation

Felt Leadership

  • Felt Leadership Model
  • Felt Leadership Process

*Length of workshop varies based on class size.