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Actions Employees Can Take

Actions Employees Can Take is part of the award-winning DuPont portfolio of workplace safety training offerings. Other offerings include the Workplace Safety Series, Managing Safety: Systems That Work For Operations Managers, Managing Safety: Techniques That Work For Line Supervisors, and the DuPont™ STOP® program.

Actions Employees Can Take

About the Workshop

What do your employees see when they look around their workspace? Are they recognizing all of the potential hazards? Sometimes dangers and risks are clearly evident, but often they are overlooked due to routine, distractions, and familiarity with surroundings. But, the potential for harm is everywhere.

The ½-day* Actions Employees Can Take workshop helps employees recognize the hazards that are part of their workday and determine actions they can take to reduce chance of injury.

Learning Objectives

  • Identifying unsafe situations and actions
  • Recognizing how your actions affect safety outcomes
  • Changing actions to create a safer work environment
  • Preventing future incidents

Who Should Attend

This workshop is appropriate for every employee. Every employee can take actions towards creating a safer workplace. Therefore, this workshop is appropriate for all employees to attend.

The Methodology

The format is based on adult group-learning principles, in which participants interact as they discuss, analyze, and apply information from presentations, case studies, group discussions, and situational analyses to their own experience and organizations.

The Instructor

The workshop is conducted and facilitated by DuPont safety consultants. DuPont consultants are recognized throughout the industry as committed, innovative, adept workshop leaders, credible knowledge resources, and competent safety professionals.

The Course Outline

Injuries: Causes and Prevention

  • Categories of causes

Unsafe Conditions

  • Physical conditions

Unsafe Acts

  • Human elements
  • Six step process
  • Reasons for choosing unsafe acts

*Length of workshop varies based on class size.