• Rigging Equipment Basics

Rigging Equipment Basics

Hook up with this course now and learn the basics of rigging: equipment ratings, slings, hitches, wire ropes, web slings, rigging process, and attachments like shackles and eyebolts. The course takes your employees through rigging procedures, offering handy safety advice every step of the way.

Introduction to Rigging

  • Rigging Basics
  • Rigging Equipment
  • The Rigging Process

Wire Ropes

  • Wire Rope Basics
  • Wire Rope Design and Construction
  • Wire Rope Splices and End Fittings


  • Synthetic Web Slings

Connectors and Attachments

  • Types of Attachments
  • Hooks and Shackles
  • Eyebolts and Turnbuckles

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This handbook covers the basics of rigging safety, including techniques used for the three most common types of slings.

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