Rigging 2-Part Series

This two-part training series will provide students with the understanding of how to rig a lift safely. The series is designed to provide training on the basic equipment used for rigging a lift, to include the design and construction of the tools that are appropriate for a particular lift, as well as how to plan for a lift, inspect the rig prior to a lift, and recognize the factors that will be analyzed during a lift. Equipment care and maintenance is also presented.

The Rigging series is designed for operators and technicians who have no prior experience using equipment for rigging a lift or performing a rigging operation. However, the programs also offer experienced operators the opportunity to review basic information. All the terms used are defined and explained in the courses.

eLearning courses included:

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Rigging Equipment BasicsThis course shows materials and techniques used for the three most common types of slings.

Rigging OperationsThis course teaches what goes into a successful lift.

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