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Is your organization ready for restart after COVID-19?

Keep Employees Safe with the COVID-19 Return to Work Text Messaging Program

As your organization returns to work during the pandemic, it’s critical to make sure employees understand safety guidelines to follow to protect themselves in this new normal. Our text-based learning offering enables you to quickly share critical information with your team to help ensure a smooth and safe transition back to the workplace. It’s ideal as a stand-alone initiative or to support your ongoing safety program.
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  • Rapid training deployment

    Rapid training deployment

  • Supports large, dispersed workforces

    Supports large, dispersed workforces

  • broadband connectivity

    Ideal for organizations that may not have access to broadband connectivity

Our COVID-19 Return to Work Program includes the following text-based courses:

Business Continuity During the Pandemic

This course explains the seven key concepts that a business can use to maximize efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Business Recovery: Creating Your Restart Plan

Educate managers about the key factors organizations should take into account when planning to restart operations in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The New Normal: Workplace Safety

This course educates employees about back to work guidelines that can help them prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The New Normal: Protecting Your Employees

Designed for managers, this course provide an overview of how to create a COVID-19 Infection Prevention Plan and the elements that should be included.

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Why text messages?*


5overall interactions average 5 minutes or less


94%completion rates


90%over 90% of the planet can take a text message course

How it Works

Multi-day Learning Experience

COVID-19 Return to Work is designed as a multi-day learning experience delivered consecutively each day at a time personalized and set by the learner.

Delivery via Text Message

Each learning experience is delivered via text message, with each message averaging 1,200 characters in total.

Flexible Learning

Learners have the option to pause and restart each course as needed.

Quick and Easy

Each interaction averages 2-3 minutes in duration.

Analytics Available

Adoption and Usage statistics are provided at the conclusion of the program and include:

  • Completion
  • Aggregate responses
  • Feedback
  • Accuracy rates

Success Rates*

  • 90% of learners enjoy learning with text messages
  • 95% of people open a text message within 3 minutes

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