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Case Studies


  • Engineering A Path To Workplace Safety Excellence Through Employee Engagement

    Cascade Engineering

    Cascade Engineering and DuPont Sustainable Solutions utilized several tactics – including employee recognition, incentives and DSS STOP® programs – to transform culture, develop skills, reduce incidents and ultimately improve operational performance.

  • DSS STOP® – Empowering Emerson Employees to Make a Difference in Workplace Safety Behaviors

    Emerson – Boulder, CO site

    The award-winning STOP® safety training observation program from DSS provides a path to workplace safety excellence at Emerson’s Rosemount™ measurement and analytical technologies.

  • Number of Days Away from Work Decreased by 72 Percent in One Year

    City of Henderson Parks

    In 2009, the City of Henderson was ready to try a new approach to incident prevention. While its safety culture was sound, it felt it needed to take steps to get to the next level in order to continue decreasing incidents and injuries. The Citywide Safety Committee decided a behavior-based approach would fit their needs, with its focus on identifying unsafe acts that can potentially lead to an injury or illness. From there, STOP® For Supervision quickly became the best choice, explained Michael Francis, the City's safety officer.

  • Consistently Above 95 Percent "All Safe" for First Six Months of 2010

    Knife River Corp. Western Oregon Division

    Knife River Corp.'s Western Oregon Division implemented STOP® For Supervision in 2006. The program trains line management to help mitigate injuries and incidents through worker observations and discussions. Knife River management particularly valued the observation and communication skills taught throughout the program – the positive reinforcement STOP® teaches. These were the skills needed to most improve if Knife River were to succeed in making everyone feel responsible for safety.

  • STOP DataPro® Enhances Moen's STOP® Program Overall

    Moen Incorporated – New Bern, NC

    In 2008, Moen Incorporated implemented DuPont Sustainable Solutions' STOP® For Supervision program – a program that aims to control injuries and incidents through worker observations and discussions. STOP® quickly became a key tool for Moen to identify unsafe actions, conditions and behaviors before incidents could occur.

  • 350 Days Without A Recordable Injury

    Huhtamaki - Los Angeles, CA

    Recently, the Huhtamaki manufacturing plant in Los Angeles celebrated 60 days without an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordable injury. The milestone was marked with a plant-wide barbecue, but already Huhtamaki was looking ahead in hopes of surpassing its previous record—350 days without a recordable injury. That's a far cry from 2004, when the company's safety culture was in need of revitalization.



  • Quality, Consistent, and Customizable Training Content


    Discover how Plymouth Eupora uses DSS interactive online learning courses to train workers on required OSHA topics, as well as human resources-related subjects to achieve their training goals.

  • The Bottom Line: Online Learning Delivers a Cost Avoidance of $1 Million for Dresser-Rand

    Dresser-Rand Company – Houston, TX

    How Dresser-Rand improved training, decreased costs, reduced lost work time, and benefited from a cost avoidance of nearly $1 million is one of the most amazing success stories of the Coastal eLearning System™. The fact that Dresser-Rand started with no training system whatsoever and now trains 5,500 employees in more than 50 locations in 26 countries and in 14 languages makes the story all the more incredibly inspiring!


  • All Praises for the DSS eLearning™ Suite


    Find out what led Clifford Ealey, Quality and Safety Coordinator for Facility Services, to say "I highly recommend DuPont Sustainable Solutions. The training is perfect for what we need… and keeps our employees engaged regardless of ability, they can all relate to it and learn."


  • Safety Training for Every City Employee

    City of Henderson, NV

    Find out how the City of Henderson uses a suite of 44 ClarityNet® safety courses to train everyone from building inspectors, to fire, police, corrections, administrative and part-time employees and achieve their goal of reducing on-the-job accidents.

The Risk Factor

  • Recommitting to Safety Excellence: Affectively Engaging Employees to Develop a Sustainable Corporate Safety Culture

    Norfolk Southern Corporation

    According to Norfolk Southern management, the biggest impact on the company so far has been the improvement of employee engagement. The implementation of the Risk Factor workshops across the organization and the rebranding of the safety message to 'I am Coming Home', has broken new, fertile ground at Norfolk Southern, and has been positively received by the vast majority of employees.