Process Safety Management Training Curriculum

Process Safety Management Training Curriculum

The 10-module Process Safety Management training curriculum includes an e-learning series and instructor-led courses which, when combined with on-the-job coaching, practical application and performance management, can develop the skills your employees need to operate efficiently and avoid process related hazards. For each PSM module, basic awareness level training is delivered via e-learning. Selected employees then participate in a comprehensive one- to three-day facilitator-led workshop which features a problem-based learning (PBL) approach that requires participants to solve situational challenges through a collaborative process, investigating authentic issues and topics that are applicable to specific functions. PBL teaches problem-solving strategies, critical thinking, engagement and fact-driven decision making.

Following the workshop, participants gain additional practical application through on-the-job coaching, which further builds capabilities. Skills transfer is tested and competency is evaluated. Performance metrics are selected and implemented to evaluate the effectiveness of the learning and development process.

The DSS Process Safety Management training curriculum can accelerate knowledge transfer and skills development to:

  • Help organizations overcome the loss of PSM know-how due to talent attrition from an aging workforce
  • Help build PSM capability among a new workforce who adapts more easily to a blended learning format consisting of e-learning and problem-based facilitator-led training
  • Mitigate the risk of potential catastrophic process safety incidents

Process Safety Management modules:

  • PSM Governance
  • Recognizing Risk (Process Technology and Process Hazards Analysis)
  • Manage Operations (Standard Operating Procedures and Safe Work Practices)
  • Manage Maintenance (Mechanical Integrity and Quality Assurance)
  • Manage People (Management of Change – Personnel, Contractor Safety Management)
  • Manage Change (Management of Change – Technology and Facilities, Prestart-up Safety Review)
  • Manage Incidents (Incident Investigation)
  • Manage Emergencies (Emergency Response Planning)
  • Manage Compliance (PSM Audit)
  • Manage Continuous Improvement (Operational Discipline)
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