Process Safety Management Instructor-Led Training

Process Safety Management Instructor-Led Training

The DSS Process Safety Management (PSM) Learning & Development Curriculum is a convenient, sustainable and cost-effective program that helps mitigate the risk of catastrophic failure by building awareness and developing skill-level capability around PSM.

The 12 instructor-led training courses review the 14 PSM elements and range from one to three-days in length. The series covers topics such as process technology, process hazard analysis, standard operating procedures and safe work practices, mechanical integrity and quality assurance, among others.

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Who Should Attend

Attendees will vary based on the selected course. All courses require that attendees complete the initial three-day Process Safety Management overview. The target audience includes operations and maintenance managers; technical, operations, and maintenance engineers; frontline supervisors; and PSM element leaders and team members.

The Methodology

These courses provide a structured learning experience that has been tested in the field and is based on real-world experience from DSS, an acknowledged leader in PSM. In addition to working with numerous clients in a variety of industries, our operational experts have first-hand knowledge of managing process safety for more than 50 businesses within DSS.

The PSM instructor-led courses feature a problem-based learning approach that provides a collaborative job-focused experience to accelerate skill development. Based upon an organization’s needs, the solution can be delivered as individual modules or as a comprehensive curriculum.

The training sessions can be supplemented with field coaching by DSS consultants. In our experience, such facilitation has proven effective in building required skills and increasing retention rates among participants.

Instructor-Led Training Course Descriptions

DSS PSM integrated solutions include a comprehensive learning and development curriculum that helps mitigate the risk of catastrophic failure by building awareness and developing skill-level capability around process safety. The curriculum combines blended learning activities to form a structured learning experience based on DSS real-world knowledge and is based on your organization specific needs.


3-day course Help shift participants’ view of Process Safety Management (PSM) from one of an isolated set of parts and procedures to one of a system of interrelated mutual supportive actions and outcomes. This new perspective will provide the foundation for understanding the importance of a fully integrated and effectively implemented PSM system.

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Process Technology

2-day course This course will help develop a basic understanding of the needs and requirements for documenting an operation’s material hazards and process design and equipment design basis. Participants will also identify PSM critical equipment in accordance to procedures.

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Process Hazard Analysis

3-day course Participants will get a basic understanding of Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) requirements and tools used to complete one.

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Standard Operating Procedures and Safe Work Practices (SOP & SWP)

2-day course Help heighten participant awareness of Standard Operating Procedures and Safe Work Practices with this course. It gives a detailed look at how systems should be reviewed for risks and how to create, communicate and maintain training and documentation.

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Management of Change – Technology and Facilities (MOC-T&F)

1-day course How does this change resonate within the PSM system? Does it need a hazards analysis? Participants will use examples and case studies to gain a deeper understanding of how to answer these questions. They will see when a Management of Change (MOC) process should be initiated and how to document, approve and authorize the change.

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Management of Change – Personnel (MOC-P)

2-day course This course will look at different techniques used to successfully navigate MOC-P processes. An emphasis on organizational change complexity will focus on how different parts can interact in many different ways.

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Prestart-up Safety Review (PSSR)

2-day course Enhance participant knowledge around the requirements of a PSSR and the tools and techniques used to complete one.

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Mechanical Integrity and Quality Assurance (MIQA)

2-day course During this course participants will react to real-time scenarios, such as critical equipment failures and inspections, to help them understand the importance of the Mechanical Integrity and Quality Assurance elements of PSM.

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Incident Investigation (II)

2.5-day course From forming an investigation team to developing the final recommendations, this course walks participants through the eight-step incident investigation process.

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Contractor Safety Management (CSM)

3-day course The goal of this course is to explain the Contractor Safety Management (CSM) practices, policies and procedures in a process or operational environment. The major focus is to develop competent CSM leaders who can plan and execute all work that utilizes contractors.

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PSM Auditing

2-day course This course focuses on the planning and preparation required in establishing an audit team, developing a site audit manual and implementing an auditing program at a site.

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Emergency Response Planning (ERP)

2-day course Get real-time feedback on your organization’s emergency response plan.This course not only looks at the planning and preparation of emergency response plans but allows participants to bring their existing plan for review.

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