Process Measurement 8-Part Series

Produced in conjunction with ISA — The Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society (ISA™) — this eight-part training series will help students understand in detail the principles of temperature, pressure, level, and flow and identify the equipment for measuring each.

The Process Measurement series is designed for control systems technicians, electricians, mechanics, process operators, and other instrumentation and control professionals. The courses are particularly helpful for technicians preparing for ISA's Certified Control Systems Technician® (CCST®) program.

eLearning courses included:

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Process Measurement: Temperature 1 –– Thermometers & ThermocouplesIntroduces students to what temperature is and how it is explained in terms of operation.

Process Measurement: Temperature 2 –– Resistance & Radiation DevicesIntroduces students to devices that measure temperature, specifically resistance temperature devices and radiation devices.

Process Measurement: Pressure 1 –– Manometers & GagesDescribes the measurement and control of pressure in the design, construction, and maintenance of process systems.

Process Measurement: Pressure 2 –– Indicators & TransmittersDescribes a typical bridge circuit configuration used in a pressure measurement process.

Process Measurement: Level 1 –– Level Measurement & GagesDescribes the devices and methods used for calculating accurate level measurement as well as the operation, advantages, and disadvantages of each device.

Process Measurement: Level 2 –– Level Indicators & TransmittersDescribes the different methods used to perform level measurement, specifically the non-mechanical methods such as ultrasonic devices, radiation, and electrical level measurement techniques.

Process Measurement: Flow 1 –– Flow MeasurementDescribes the critical process measurement of determining flow rate.

Process Measurement: Flow 2 –– Flow SensorsExplains the primary types of sensors used to measure the flow rate and mass of fluid flows in a pipe.

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