Preventing Drug & Alcohol Abuse On The Waterfront: Every Choice Counts

Taking drugs disrupts employee performance and causes problems, both physical and psychological: slow breathing rates, fatigue, vision impairment, anxiety, confusion and violence. And when these problems result in accidents, your employees can be tested, and if proven guilty, can lose their jobs. Kick the risks now and save their lives with this handbook, which is part of an eight-program series – On The Waterfront: Every Choice Counts – that meets OSHA Standards. Learn more about the effects and consequences of drug use at work and find out how you can stamp out addiction.

  • Consequences of drug and alcohol impairment
  • Drug and alcohol policy on the waterfront
  • Resources for help
  • How to respond when faced with impaired workers

While the number of pages varies, most handbooks are 16 pages in length and include a tear-out quiz.

Handbooks must be purchased in packs of 10. When ordering, enter the number of packs you would like to purchase. For example, if you would like to order 50 handbooks, enter "5" in the quantity field.

Quantity discounts are available for orders of 10 or more packs. Call 1-877-262-7825 for more information.

This course informs maritime workers on the dangers of using alcohol and drugs. It illustrates how alcohol and drugs affect job performance and personal life. The subject of what should be done if a co-worker is impaired on the job is covered also. The course goes on to discuss the importance of making the choice to own their safety and create a safety net for others, because every choice counts when you're working on the waterfront.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse -- The Facts

  • Truth and Consequences
  • Own the Safety and Create a Safety Net

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