• Port Security For Visitors, Vendors & Contractors

Port Security For Visitors, Vendors & Contractors

Help ensure your port's security and productivity with this course, which can be used to familiarize outsiders with what to expect when they enter a port or marine facility. This online course will help acquaint viewers with Maritime Security Levels, Facility Security Plans, Restricted Areas, Incident Control, Drills and Exercises.

Port Security

  • Security Levels and Plans
  • Inicident Control, Drills and Exercises
  • Your Responsibilities

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Know the ins and out of port security with this cutting-edge handbook. There are many safety risks, and containment efforts must all start at the door. Be sure that those entering your facility understand the security measures, as mandated by the Maritime Transportation Act of 2002.

  • Transportation Security Incident (TSI)
  • Screening upon facility entrance
  • Maritime Security Levels (MARSEC)
  • Restricted areas
  • Incident control or emergency exposure
  • Drills and exercises
  • Security responsibilities - a checklist

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