Pneumatics: Pneumatic System Maintenance

Pneumatics: Pneumatic System Maintenance is part seven of the Pneumatics eight-part training series.

The course explains the importance of a pro-active maintenance program for pneumatic systems. It describes the major categories of tasks that should be part of a preventative maintenance program and identifies some specific tasks that should be performed during routine maintenance.

The course covers:

  • Pro-active maintenance
  • Types of maintenance systems
  • Inspection
  • Valves and conductors
  • Checking alignment
  • System cleanliness
  • Servicing
  • Preparing for servicing
  • Air treatment components
  • Final maintenance tasks
  • Testing
  • Reconditioning and scheduling.

Course menu:

Maintenance Systems

  • Types of Maintenance Systems
  • Proactive Maintenance


  • Valves and Conductors
  • Checking Alignment
  • System Cleanliness


  • Preparing for Servicing
  • Air Treatment Components

Final Maintenance Tasks

  • Testing
  • Reconditioning and Scheduling

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