Pipefitting: Flanged Pipe

Pipefitting: Flanged Pipe is part seven of the Pipefitting 11-part training series.

The course covers the use and creation of various flanges and gaskets.

Course objectives include:

  • Exercise proper pipefitting safety procedures
  • Apply flat- and raised-face flanges
  • Compare the types of welded steel flanges
  • Classify welded steel flanges by their pressure ratings
  • Install a threaded flange
  • Select a gasket material
  • Create a gasket
  • Install a gasket
  • Compare the three most common fasteners used to secure flange joints
  • Compare the types of pipe hangers and supports.

Course menu:

Flanged Piping

  • Safety Precautions
  • Types of Flanges
  • Gaskets and Threaded Flanges
  • Flange Fasteners, Pipe Support and Hangers

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