Pipefitting 11-Part Series

This 11-part training series serves as a progressive introduction to the techniques and practices of the pipefitting art. The series covers the most common piping systems in use today and stresses proper safety precautions throughout. Students will learn about piping joints, fittings, offsets, flanges, gaskets, and accessories as well as how to record pipe measurements according to industry standards, read piping drawings, and thread pipe.

The Pipefitting series is designed for new pipefitting students who have little to no knowledge of the field. All the terms used are defined or explained throughout the courses, so students are not required to have a pipefitting vocabulary to understand the content.

eLearning courses included:

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Pipefitting: Introduction To PipefittingGives students an overview of the knowledge and skills required of a pipefitter as well as safety in the trade.

Pipefitting: Piping Systems & StandardsCovers the three most common piping systems in use today as well as relevant industrial standards.

Pipefitting: Pipe Fittings & JointsCovers piping system joints, their fittings, and fitting installation.

Pipefitting: Measuring Pipe & DrawingsTeaches students to measure pipe according to industry standards. Illustrates and explains basic piping system drawings.

Pipefitting: OffsetsTeaches students to plan and construct piping offsets.

Pipefitting: Manual & Electric Threaded PipeTeaches students to thread pipe manually and with an electric pipe-threading machine.

Pipefitting: Flanged PipeCovers the use and creation of various flanges and gaskets.

Pipefitting: Plastic PipeCovers PVC, CPVC, PP, and fiberglass-reinforced piping.

Pipefitting: Accessories & Specialty EquipmentTeaches students about the selection, installation, and maintenance of various piping materials.

Pipefitting: TubingIntroduces students to tubing, its uses, and the different tools, materials, and fittings it requires.

Pipefitting: HosesTeaches students about the different hoses used in piping systems.

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