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Pause for Performance: Electrical Shock

(a savings of $1300)

Product Description

This course shows you the basics of handling electrical injuries. It defines electrical shock and helps employees:

  • Identify injuries arising from electrocution
  • Know what (not) to do when responding to cases of electrocution, from switching off the current to removing the victim away from teh electrical source
  • Recognize the conditions that need professional help.

A printable Facilitator’s Handout is included with this microlearning video.

Please note for microlearning videos , there is a three course minimum purchase requirement. Please browse and choose any three titles from our microlearning library

This course explains five major ways to deal with bleeding injuries.

  • Assess the situation
  • Prevent exposure from bloodborne pathogens
  • Stop the bleeding
  • Clean and protect the wound
  • Know when to get professional medical help

This microlearning course is perfect for delivery on a tablet or mobile device.


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