Operators & Their Responsibilities: Normal Operations

Operators & Their Responsibilities: Normal Operations is part one of the Operators & Their Responsibilities six-part training series.

In operating plants, the process normally runs at steady state conditions referred to as normal operations. This course discusses the operator roles and responsibilities during normal operations, which include making routine rounds, communicating with other plant personnel, catching samples and making process adjustments to assure a safe plant for personnel, the community and the environment.

Course objectives include:

  • Define normal operating conditions
  • Explain the operator's roles and responsibilities
  • Identify the routine tasks performed by operators
  • Explain the importance of following policies and procedures
  • Describe how process adjustments can affect normal operations.

Course menu:

Normal Unit Operations

  • Operator Roles and Responsibilities
  • Operating at Steady State

Making Unit Flow Changes

  • Increasing Unit Flow
  • Decreasing Unit Flow

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