Operators & Their Responsibilities: Hand Tools

Operators & Their Responsibilities: Hand Tools is part five of the Operators & Their Responsibilities six-part training series.

This course describes the proper use and care of common hand tools used for routine maintenance - equipment lubrication, grease gun, screw drivers, hammers, wrenches, vises, clamps, socket sets, pliers, hacksaws, files, wedges and tubing, and small pipe tools.

Course objectives include:

  • Explain how to use hand tools found in an operator??Ts toolbox
  • Recognize the types of tools and which jobs the tool is used for
  • Understand the potential risks and hazards of improper tool use
  • How to inspect a tool to be sure it is in proper condition and fitness for the tool??Ts intended use
  • Learn the best practices for each tool, which is critical for safety and personnel protection.

Course menu:

The Operator's Tool Box

Hand Tool Use and Care

Tools for Lubricating

  • Lubrication Tools
  • Grease Guns

Common Hand Tools

  • Hammers and Wedges
  • Chisels, Punches and Files
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wrenches, Sockets and Ratchets
  • Clamps and Vises
  • Measuring

Tools for Cutting and Bending

  • Knives and Saws
  • Pliers and Wire Cutters
  • Pipe and Tubing Tools

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