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Operators & Their Responsibilities: Abnormal Operations

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Product Description

Operators & Their Responsibilities: Abnormal Operations is part three of the Operators & Their Responsibilities six-part training series.

Upset process conditions and emergency situations with typical preparations and planning used by operators to mitigate the situations are presented in this course. Common causes resulting from a loss of utilities, a primary process input and process containment are reviewed in planning what-if scenarios and emergency drills. It also covers instrument systems and process interlocks used to mitigate abnormal situations and protect personnel, equipment and the environment.

Course objectives include:

  • Identify abnormal operations and its effect on unit equipment and piping
  • Understand how abnormal and emergency conditions can impact safety and environmental conditions
  • Discuss the roles and responsibilities of the operator during abnormal and emergency conditions
  • Explain how troubleshooting can help return operating conditions to normal
  • Understand the investigation process and reporting required following an incident.

Course menu:

Abnormal Unit Operations

  • Operator Roles and Responsibilities
  • Equipment Malfunctions
  • Operator Duties
  • Troubleshooting

Emergency Situations

  • Operator Roles and Responsibilities
  • Representative Emergency Situations
  • Incident Investigations

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