Operator Inspection: Vacuum System Inspection

Operator Inspection: Vacuum System Inspection is part two of the Operator Inspection nine-part training series.

The course teaches students the basic inspection procedures for vacuum systems and their components. It is designed to introduce the basic concept and operation of a vacuum system, to include defining the function and operation of a negative air pressure system and how regulating and maintaining those pressures are important to a sub-system.

Course objectives include:

  • Understand the general safety precautions to take when working with a vacuum system
  • Identify the general inspection components of a vacuum system
  • Describe the purpose and function, general inspection points, and procedures for inspecting: surge tanks, filters, gages, vacuum regulators, pipes and pipes' joints, flow and directional control valves, suction cups, suction plates, and plastic tubing.

Course menu:

Safety and General Inspection Components

  • Vacuum Systems
  • General Safety Precautions
  • General Inspection Components

Surge Tank, Filter, Regulators, and Gauges

  • Surge Tank, Filter, and Vacuum Gauge
  • Vacuum Regulators and Pressure Gauge

Pipes, Joints, and Control Valves

  • Pipes and Pipe Joints
  • Flow and Directional Control Valves

Suction Cups and Other Components

  • Suction Cups and Other Components

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