Operator Inspection: Electrical Equipment Control System Inspection

Operator Inspection: Electrical Equipment Control System Inspection is part five of the Operator Inspection nine-part training series.

Course objectives include:

  • Understand electricity and control system basics
  • Identify inspection procedures for equipment main switches, control panels, and external wiring
  • Identify general inspection procedures for junction boxes, electrical motors, and detectors.

Course menu:

Basic Knowledge of Electricity

  • Understanding Electricity
  • Basic Knowledge of Electrical Circuits
  • Basic Knowledge of Electrical Awareness and Safety
  • Basic Knowledge of Electrical Supply Systems
  • Basic Knowledge of Control Systems

General Inspection - Part I

  • Establishment of General Inspection Sites
  • Substation
  • Power Distribution Panel
  • Motor Control Center
  • Equipment Disconnect Switch

General Inspection - Part II

  • Control Panel and Operational Panel
  • Electrical Wire Way
  • Electrical Motor
  • Sensor
  • Electrical Actuator

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