Motor Controls: Time Delay Relays

Motor Controls: Time Delay Relays is part three of the Motor Controls eight-part training series.

The course introduces time delay relays. An integral part of an industrial control system, they are used to provide time delays which permit the operations of a machine to occur in the proper sequence and order. Timers are often used to control the starting sequence of large motors that must be step-started or to control the starting of several motors which cannot be permitted to start simultaneously.

Course objectives include:

  • Describe the operation of an ON delay timer
  • Describe the operation of an OFF delay timer
  • Draw the standard NEMA schematic symbols for ON and OFF delay timers.

Course menu:

Types of Timers

  • On-Delay Timers
  • Off-Delay Timers

Time Delay Circuits

  • On-Delay Timer Circuits
  • Off-Delay Timer Circuits

Methods for Time Delay

  • Pneumatic Timers
  • Clock Timers
  • Prog. Motor Controllers and Solid-State Timers

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