Motor Controls: Overload Relays

Motor Controls: Overload Relays is part two of the Motor Controls eight-part training series.

The course introduces the different types of overload relays, how they work, and why they are used.

Course objectives include:

  • Discuss the difference between overloads and fuses
  • List the major types of overload relays
  • Differentiate between the major types of thermal overload relays
  • Describe the operation of a dashpot timer
  • List the ways of changing the time setting of a dashpot timer.

Course menu:

Overload Device Construction

  • Dual-Element Fuses
  • Current Sensing and Contact Sections

Thermal Overload Relays

  • Solder Melting Type
  • Bimetal Strip Type
  • Heaters

Magnetic Overload Relays

  • Basic Operation
  • Dashpot Timers

Solid State Overload Relays

  • Basic Operation

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