Motor Controls: Installing & Troubleshooting Control Systems

Motor Controls: Installing & Troubleshooting Control Systems is part eight of the Motor Controls eight-part training series.

The course demonstrates the installation and maintenance of control systems. The manner in which a control system is installed can have great bearing on the ease or difficulty encountered when it becomes necessary to troubleshoot the system.

Course objectives include:

  • Explain the different methods of installing control systems
  • Describe the steps required to install a control system using terminal strips and identifying wires with numbers
  • Troubleshoot a control system from a properly installed control cabinet.

Course menu:

Installing Control Systems

  • Defining the System

Numbering and Wiring the Control System

  • Establishing the Numbering System
  • Connecting Wiring Points


  • Troubleshooting Prerequisites
  • Troubleshooting Examples

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