Mechanical Print Reading 4-Part Series

This four-part training series will help students understand the principle concepts of mechanical print reading. The programs provide the history of mechanical prints, discuss the specific data that is drawn on a blueprint, and explain how to read and interpret the drawing format.

The Mechanical Print Reading series is designed for maintenance technicians, operators, or anyone requiring an essential knowledge of blueprint reading. Many of the terms used are defined or explained throughout the course, so students are not required to have an extensive technical vocabulary to understand the content.

eLearning courses included:

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Mechanical Print Reading: Orthographic ProjectionFocuses on the six principle views of a blueprint, the types of lines used in the drawings and sectional views, and the differences between first and third angle projections.

Mechanical Print Reading: Drawing Format & DimensioningIdentifies the graphic description of an object, differences between metric and English sheet sizes, and explains the fields of an engineering drawing.

Mechanical Print Reading: Drawing Types & SymbolsCovers various types of mechanical drawings, including layout, detail, prefix, and assembly drawings, and explains general identification and revision symbols.

Mechanical Print Reading: Thread SpecificationsExplains thread features, forms, and specification notes used in mechanical prints.

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