Mechanical Electrical Control Systems: Creating Schematics

Mechanical Electrical Control Systems: Creating Schematics is part two of the Mechanical Electrical Control Systems seven-part training series.

The course demonstrates the method for creating a simplified schematic from a complex wiring diagram or component arrangement.

Course objectives include:

  • Use available information to draw a schematic
  • Understand the difference between branching circuits and return legs
  • Use the schematic to understand the workings of an unfamiliar system.

Course menu:

Creating a Schematic

  • Advantages of Schematics
  • Converting a Wiring Diagram to a Schematic
  • Schematic for the Compressor Motor Circuit
  • Reading the Schematic

Advanced Schematics - Manual/Auto Cooling Systems

  • Beginning the Control Schematic
  • Completing the Control Schematic
  • Reading the Schematic

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