Mechanical Electrical Control Systems 7-Part Series

This seven-part training series will help students use schematics to design, modify, troubleshoot, and repair building mechanical electrical control systems. While the entire series is designed to train technicians in the use of schematics, the individual courses cover specific functions of control systems and offer the opportunity to review basic information. The series covers reading and creating schematics, electrical lockout, energy management, specialized control system functions, and troubleshooting techniques.

The Mechanical Electrical Control Systems series is designed for individuals who have a basic understanding of building mechanical control systems using HVAC. Emphasis is placed on learning how to work with new or custom control systems with minimal documentation or with detailed electrical schematics.

eLearning courses included:

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Mechanical Electrical Control Systems: Introduction To Control SchematicsCovers basic control system schematics, the seven rules for reading and creating schematics, and the symbols used in most schematics.

Mechanical Electrical Control Systems: Creating SchematicsTeaches students how to create a schematic from a wiring diagram and trace the schematic to learn the operation of a particular control system.

Mechanical Electrical Control Systems: Electrical LockoutTeaches students the basic principles of lockout, how to recognize some common lockout circuits, and how to diagnose lockout conditions.

Mechanical Electrical Control Systems: Design & TroubleshootingTeaches students how to use schematics to design electrical control systems, troubleshoot custom and standard control system designs, and more.

Mechanical Electrical Control Systems: Energy ManagementTeaches students how to recognize energy management functions in electrical controls, use timers and relay logic to control energy management, and more.

Mechanical Electrical Control Systems: Electronic ControlsTeaches students how to read schematics incorporating electronic controls, troubleshoot complex control systems, and use flow charts.

Mechanical Electrical Control Systems: Responsive SystemsTeaches students how to create multiple switch circuits, use time delay devices, and choose design elements for responsive controls.

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