Maintenance Troubleshooting 5-Part Series

This five-part training series provides a structured format for those students who are responsible for frequent electrical and mechanical maintenance and troubleshooting, as well as for anyone having a desire to learn a more formal approach in troubleshooting techniques. The series begins by providing a fundamental sequence of steps that can be applied when attempting to locate and repair problems in electrical and mechanical equipment, regardless of the type of equipment. The remaining four parts of the series allow students to apply the fundamentals learned in the first part to specific electrical and mechanical equipment, including power distribution, lighting, motors, motor controls, hydraulics, and HVAC.

The Maintenance Troubleshooting series is designed for mechanical and/or electrical maintenance technicians who need or want to learn a more structured approach in troubleshooting specific electrical and/or mechanical equipment other than the process of elimination techniques so often applied. Basic mechanical and electrical skills are assumed. Certification may be required for those personnel responsible for HVAC refrigeration system charging or evacuation.

eLearning courses included:

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Maintenance Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting ProceduresTeaches students how to identify symptoms associated with mechanical or electrical equipment problems, determine faulty components, plan a course of action, repair the problem, and observe post-equipment repair.

Maintenance Troubleshooting: Power Distribution & Lighting SystemsIdentifies power distribution and the associated equipment from the commercial power source to the final equipment or device, and typical problems that may occur in this equipment.

Maintenance Troubleshooting: Motors & Motor ControlsTeaches students to identify motor malfunctions by recognizing problematic symptoms and applying proven methods in correcting these problems.

Maintenance Troubleshooting: Pumps & CompressorsIdentifies the types of pumps and compressors used in industry and teaches the fundamentals of troubleshooting these pumps and compressors through visible observation of symptoms.

Maintenance Troubleshooting: Hydraulic Circuits & HVACTeaches students how to identify problematic symptoms demonstrated in hydraulic circuits and possible causes for the symptoms.

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