Machinery Lubrication: Lubricating Oil - Types, Properties & Handling

Machinery Lubrication: Lubricating Oil - Types, Properties & Handling is part one of the Machinery Lubrication three-part training series.

The course presents students with the properties and types of oil used for lubricants and explains methods for applying lubrication. It also presents how to work safely with lubricants and how to store them properly.

Course objectives include:

  • Understand the significance of proper lubrication
  • Identify the types of oils used, their characteristics, and the various ways to apply lubricants
  • Describe the centralized and portable methods for applying lubricants and various fittings that may be necessary for proper lubrication
  • Understand the guidelines for proper lubricant storage, both indoors and outdoors.

Course menu:

Fundamentals of Lubricating Oil

  • Properties of Oil
  • Types of Oil
  • Application Methods

Lubrication Equipment

  • Portable and Centralized Equipment
  • Various Fittings, Vents, and Valves

Handling and Storing Lubricants

  • Handling Techniques
  • Inside and Outside Oil Storage Areas

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