Machinery Lubrication: Lubricating Greases - Types, Applications & Equipment

Machinery Lubrication: Lubricating Greases - Types, Applications & Equipment is part three of the Machinery Lubrication three-part training series.

Proper maintenance of grease-lubricated equipment requires specialized knowledge and procedures for the purchase, handling, storage, transfer, and dispensing of all types of lubricating greases. This course describes how to properly identify the main characteristics of various industrial greases and their properties.

Course objectives include:

  • Describe the key grease properties and functions
  • Identify grease types
  • Use manual, powered, and automatic lubricators properly
  • Understand safe procedures to handle, store, and dispense grease.

Course menu:

Fundamentals of Lubricating Grease

  • Characteristics of Grease
  • Properties of Grease

Types of Lubricating Grease

  • Simple Thickeners
  • Complex Thickeners
  • Non-Soap Greases

Lubricating Equipment and Methods of Greasing

  • Manual and Automatic Lubricating Equipment
  • Methods of Greasing

Handling and Storing Grease

  • Handling and Storing Techniques

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