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Lead Safety: On The Job

This handbook helps your facility comply with OSHA's Lead in Construction Standard (1926.62). It examines the ways lead can enter the body, its symptoms and its effects. Protect yourself and your employees from dangerous lead exposure.

  • Inhalation and ingestion
  • Health risks
  • Blood lead level (BLL)
  • Action level vs. permissible exposure limit (PEL)
  • Engineering, work practice and administrative controls
  • Work management practices

Take the lead in lead safety with this course. Compliant with OSHA's Lead in Construction Standard (1926.62), it examines the ways this dangerous chemical can harm the body. It also discusses exposure symptoms and cites facts on inhalation and ingestion, health risks, blood lead level (BLL), action level vs. permissible exposure limit (PEL), engineering, work practice, and administrative controls.

Lead Exposure

  • How Lead Affects the Body
  • Warning Signs

Testing And Monitoring

  • Exposure Monitoring

Assessment And Control

  • Information and Engineering Controls
  • Work Management Controls
  • Protective Equipment

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