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Lead Safety for Firearms

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Product Description

This handbook helps your facility comply with OSHA's Lead in Construction Standard (1926.62). It examines the ways lead can enter the body, its symptoms and its effects. Protect yourself and your employees from dangerous lead exposure.

  • Inhalation and ingestion
  • Health risks
  • Blood lead level (BLL)
  • Action level vs. permissible exposure limit (PEL)
  • Engineering, work practice and administrative controls
  • Work management practices

While the number of pages varies, most handbooks are 16 pages in length and include a tear-out quiz.

Handbooks must be purchased in packs of 10. When ordering, enter the number of packs you would like to purchase. For example, if you would like to order 50 handbooks, enter "5" in the quantity field.

Quantity discounts are available for orders of 10 or more packs. Call 1-877-262-7825 for more information.

The safety concerns are endless when working with and around firearms. Getting shot is often the most recognized risk but lead poisoning can be just as lethal as the deadliest of ammo. Arm your employees with this lead safety program so that they can shoot down its dangers. The course demonstrates how lead can enter and harm the body, the symptoms of lead poisoning, the dangers of contamination, and various clean-up procedures.

Lead Poisoning

  • How Lead Affects the Body
  • Signs and Symptoms
  • Setting Standards

  • Dangers of Lead Contamination

  • Exposure in Firing Ranges

  • Cleaning Up

  • Clean-up Methods
  • A Few More Tips
  • To learn more about our interactive online courseware, visit our DSS eLearning Suite homepage or schedule a free online demonstration.

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