• Laser Safety: The Blink Of An Eye

Laser Safety: The Blink Of An Eye

Deflect the accidents and blast away the hazards. Laser Safety: The Blink Of An Eye aims to provide basic laser safety awareness. While your workers do abide by your safety guidelines, this program supplements your accident-prevention efforts. The handbook, based on the current and up-to-date American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard Z136, illuminates a deeper understanding of:

  • The various other standards and guidelines that may be associated with their work
  • Hazardous situations when working around lasers
  • Air contaminants produced by laser operations
  • The classification of lasers
  • What role the Laser Safety Officer plays
  • Engineering and Administrative controls
  • How to protect your eyes
  • The importance of laser safety training.

Lasers play an innovative role in the workplace today. Their power, precision and versatility make them ideal for many jobs but it they are mishandlied lasers can cause serious injuries. This course will show your employees how to work safely with lasers. The various industrial and construction uses for lasers, the hazards they pose and the damage they can do if not used properly.

Lasers Safety and Classification

  • Be Aware of Standards and Hazards
  • Classification System

Safe Work Practices

  • Role of LSO and Other Personnel
  • Engineering and Administrative Controls
  • Eye Safety
  • Accidents, Other Hazards and Training Program

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