Industrial Seals: Gaskets & Packings - Inspection & Installation

Industrial Seals: Gasket & Packings - Inspection & Installation is part two of the Industrial Seals three-part training series.

The course is an introduction to the principles of industrial gaskets and packings and the various procedures for removing, inspecting, troubleshooting, and installing these seals in industrial machinery.

Course objectives include:

  • Remove, cut, prepare, and install pipe joint gaskets
  • Remove, prepare, and install machine compartment and cover gaskets
  • Remove, inspect, and troubleshoot industrial packings
  • Cut, prepare, and install packings on valves and pumps utilizing industrial materials
  • Remove, inspect, and install lip-type compression packings.

Course menu:

Removal, Inspection, Installation of Gaskets

  • Joint Gaskets
  • Machine Gaskets

Removal, Inspection, Installation of Packings

  • Packings Removal
  • Installing Packings

Removal, Inspection, Installation of Lip Packings

  • Inspecting Lip-Type Packings
  • U-Ring, Cup, and Flange Packings

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