Industrial Seals 3-Part Series

This three-part training series will help students understand the fundamentals of mechanical seals. The series is designed to familiarize students with the application of different types of gaskets, packing, and industrial seals as well as the procedures for removing gaskets, inspecting new gaskets, and correctly installing them. Also included are the various types of mechanical face seals, causes of seal failure, troubleshooting, removal, and reassembly.

The Industrial Seals series is designed for maintenance technicians, operators, or anyone requiring an understanding of mechanical maintenance. It does not assume any previous knowledge of seal technology. All the terms used are defined or explained throughout the courses, so students are not required to have a technical vocabulary to understand the content.

eLearning courses included:

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Industrial Seals: Types, Materials & PropertiesTeaches the basics of various industrial seals and the materials used to form them.

Industrial Seals: Gaskets & Packings – Inspection & InstallationTeaches the basics of gasket and packing materials commonly in use as well as procedures for their installation.

Industrial Seals: Mechanical Face Seals – Troubleshooting & InstallationCovers the various types of mechanical face seals, how to remove seals for troubleshooting, typical causes of seal failure, and more.

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