Industrial Electricity - Wiring 3-Part Series

This three-part training series will help students understand conductivity and conductors, wiring terminology and methods, and basic industrial electricity and systems. The courses were designed in strict accordance with the current National Electrical Code.

The Industrial Electricity – Wiring series is designed for students, maintenance technicians, and plant personnel who are learning about or work with electrical elements and components. All the terms used are defined or explained throughout the courses, so students are not required to have an extensive technical vocabulary to understand the content.

eLearning courses included:

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Industrial Electricity: ConductorsExplains the uses and types of conductors as related to industrial electricity and their parts.

Industrial Electricity: Installation, Distribution & LightingDemonstrates how electricity is distributed and controlled by a plant's electrical system.

Industrial Electricity: WiringExplains basic wiring terminology and methods as outlined by the National Electrical Code.

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