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Industrial Bearings: Troubleshooting

This workbook reinforces the purpose and objectives of the accompanying Industrial Bearings: Troubleshooting training program.

Workbooks contain lesson introductions, a practice and application area, and lesson progress checks to measure students' learning.

Industrial Bearings: Troubleshooting is part three of the Industrial Bearings three-part training series.

The course stresses the importance of accurate bearing troubleshooting for maximum efficiency and life expectancy of rotating equipment. Troubleshooting is presented as not only an effective means of maintaining an efficient work environment but also enhancing on-the-job safety and hours of production.

Course objectives include:

  • Understand the various ways to identify potential problems and their sources
  • Understand how to maintain a schedule of monitoring on four major areas of identification
  • Explain the proper procedures for removing failed bearings
  • Determine the reasons for failed bearings.

Course menu:

Bearing Conditions

  • Sources of Problems
  • Failed Bearings

Causes of Bearing Failure

  • Metal Fatigue
  • Pitting and Fretting Corrosion
  • Heat and Rust
  • Bearing Life

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