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Industrial Bearings: Application & Technology

This workbook reinforces the purpose and objectives of the accompanying Industrial Bearings: Application & Technology training program.

Workbooks contain lesson introductions, a practice and application area, and lesson progress checks to measure students' learning.

Industrial Bearings: Application & Technology is part one of the Industrial Bearings three-part training series.

A basic understanding of the application of bearings is critical to proper maintenance, installation, removal, lubrication, and troubleshooting. This course will instruct students in the application of bearings and their importance in the function of both simple and complex machines.

Course objectives include:

  • Understand the definition of a bearing
  • Understand the different types of bearings, including plain, ball, cylindrical, spherical, tapered, and needle
  • Understand bearing wear and life expectancy
  • Understand protective housings for bearings
  • Explain the different types of loads.

Course menu:

Types of Bearings

  • Different Bearing Loads and Types
  • Different Types of Rolling-Element Bearings

Bearing Applications, Operations, and Materials

  • Operational Components of Ball and Roller Bearings
  • Materials Used for Bearings

Bearing Wear

  • Factors That Affect Bearing Wear
  • Replacing a Bearing

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