Industrial Bearings 3-Part Series

This three-part training series will help students master the basics of bearing technology. The courses cover such tasks as proper bearing installation, removal, lubrication, and troubleshooting.

The Industrial Bearings series is designed for new maintenance students having little or no knowledge of bearings. All the terms used are defined or explained throughout the courses, so students are not required to have a bearings vocabulary to understand the lessons.

eLearning courses included:

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Industrial Bearings: Application & TechnologyInstructs students in the application of bearings and their importance in the function of both simple and complex machines.

Industrial Bearings: Maintenance & InstallationTeaches the basic installation and care of plain and roller-element bearings, provides examples of various types of fittings for installation, explains how to check and adjust operating clearances, and more.

Industrial Bearings: TroubleshootingExplains the conditions affecting bearing performance, the causes and conditions leading to bearing failure, and how to inspect and identify bearing failure.

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